The Gambling Business Group is the parent and lead forum in the organisational structure.

Sitting below the Gambling Business Group are three sub-groups…

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The Machines Sub-group known as the MSG. Specifically set up to deal with the ever increasing cross-sector gaming machines agenda.

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The Motorway Services Group known as the MSA Group, formed to address those issues specific to the characteristics of being located within the UK’s motorway network.

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The Technical Forum. This group is called together when there are technical issues to be resolved that impact multiple platforms and/or technologies, to the benefit of the whole Industry.

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The Gambling Business Group also has a sister organisation in Leaders in Licensing Regulation. This group, also born out of what was BISL (Business in Sport and Leisure) has continued their work with government and government departments in the areas of Licensing and alcohol regulations.


The Gambling Business Group (GBG) is a representation of gambling organisation members from all sectors of the UK Gambling Industry.