“The starting point for any review has to be that it should be evidence based and that the evidence undergoes rigorous scrutiny and isn’t accepted on face value. The original stated drivers for a review of the Gambling Act 2005 were; It’s an analogue act in a digital age; gambling advertising needs to be addressed; gambling with credit cards needs to be stopped and products such as loot boxes need to be regulated. Interestingly, three of the stated drivers have either been dealt with or are in process of being dealt with – with the exception of the National Lottery sales. As a strategic point we should impress upon MPs and advisers that gambling is a fun, entertaining and very much a social activity for the vast majority of its consumers. Whatever regulations flow out of this review, these fundamental facts should not be forgotten or ignored to suit prejudices. We still do not know the full scope of the review, but whilst Primary Legislation is being reviewed, we must not let this opportunity for positive change pass us by. Ahead of any consultation process or calls for evidence, the industry should give due consideration to some fundamental issues, namely: What do we want to see changed? What don’t we want to see changed? What form should this review process take and how should it be managed? The answers to these questions need to be punctuated with logic and evidence – principles that apply to both the industry and government. We cannot end-up with policy formulated against the backdrop of Daily Mail headlines.”