Having the common goal of improving the land-based gambling business and consumer environment for all, with social responsibility at the heart of everything that we do.

Critical to achieving this goal are the positive reputations of key stakeholder groups including the Gambling Regulator, the Government, Local Authorities, Licensed Gambling Operators and of course the industry’s important supply and support networks. The GBG and its Members all have a key role to play in the pursuit of this goal.

GBG Members have committed to embed the core principles of the GBG Responsible Gambling Charter, which has been supported by Gordon Moody:

“We all have our part to play in reducing gambling harm. Research, education, prevention and treatment are all essential in creating a safer environment for those who operate in the sector as well as their customers ensuring that those that need support have access to the right intervention, in the right place, at the right time.

Therefore, we are delighted to see organisations like the Gambling Business Group working proactively to go above and beyond with their approach to Responsible Gambling and the commitment to continuous improvement. We have reviewed the new GBG Responsible Gambling charter and as a result, we are very happy at Gordon Moody to support its contents.
Let’s tackle gambling addiction together.” Matthew Hickey, CEO, Gordon Moody


The GBG has at its heart a set of core values that guide and steer the organisation in its work;

  • The GBG actively supports and actively promotes responsible gambling and the protection of the vulnerable , as well as wider social responsibility on the high street.
  • The GBG will endeavour not to duplicate or replicate the activities of the traditional trade associations, but will champion causes and address issues and challenges that reach across each of the land based gambling sub-sectors, working in partnership with other organisations where appropriate and relevant.
  • The Gambling Business Group prides itself on maintaining constructive and free flowing relationships on all levels with the Gambling Commission, with key individuals in government, particularly in the DCMS and with local government.
  • The GBG will never negatively campaign against any segment or product in the gambling or hospitality sectors in Great Britain.
  • The GBG is environmentally aware at all times and in all its pursuits and will continue to limit its environmental impact.
  • • The GBG is a group of all-inclusive like-minded socially responsible organisations and individuals.
  • The long term future and prosperity of the GBG Member Organisations and their employees remains as the purpose of the existence of the Gambling Business Group.
  • The focus of the GBG’s efforts will always be determined by its membership. They may change over time but will include matters such as government policy on gambling, gambling regulation and legislation, industry reputation, social responsibilities, jobs and taxation.

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The objectives for the GBG are purposely concentrated on improving the business and consumer environment for its members, which includes engaging with government thinking, helping to shape the political agenda and protecting the long term future of the companies and people working within the Industry.

Our key areas to focus efforts for improvement are;

  • Addressing the negative perceptions and improve the reputation of land based licensed gambling premises.
  • The relentless scrutiny of ways to improve and meet the social responsibility obligations that the gambling industry has to deliver in order to better protect the vulnerable.
  • Embracing the opportunities presented by advancements in technology to deliver the GBGs key objectives and to confront the industry’s challenges.
  • Supporting the development and evolution of a proportionate, accountable, consistent, transparent and targeted Gambling Regulator to preside over gambling in Great Britain, working with industry to help to improve the overall reputation and public perception for everyone.
  • Securing a more relevant and evidence based Gambling Act and supporting regulations through liaising and working with Ministers and Government in all relevant departments.

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The Gambling Business Group (GBG) is a representation of gambling organisation members from all sectors of the UK Gambling Industry. We have a common goal of
being the respected voice for the cross-sector land-based gambling industry,
with social responsibility at the heart of everything that we do.