GBG Technical Protocol and Operating Standards
“driving innovation in technology to meet the industry’s challenges”

  •  What’s enabling TITO in UK AGCs & Bingo?..…GBG’s Technical Standards.

  • What’s enabling efficient and effective promotional activity on gaming machines in Licensed Premises?……….GBG’s Technical Standards.

  • What’s enabling cashless funds on gaming machines in pubs?…..GBG’s Technical Standards.

By joining the Gambling Business Group you will have access to a suite of Technical Protocols and Operating Standards developed by GBG by, and for, its members.

  • GBG’s Technical Standards are adopted by all primary machine manufacturers and system suppliers in the UK.

  •  Having one set of common protocols across all electronic gaming terminals and systems allows for cost effective machine management and promotional solutions to be deployed by land-based operators.

Technical Protocols & Operating Standards


Ratified by GBG members as the standard for:

GBG Cashless TITO (Web Services) Technical Standard Printing and redemption of common (cash or debit card purchased) tickets at gaming machines & paystations
GBG Promotional Non-Cashable (Web Services) Technical Standard Printing and redemption of standard and cash match promotional tickets at gaming machines & paystations
GBG Meter & Events Data Capture (Web Services) Allowing data capture systems to record and report financial and event data from gaming machines and monitor their current status
GBG EFT (Web Services) Accurately transferring cashless electronic funds between payment wallets and gaming machines and paystations
GBG CoC for ATMs and ATRs in LGPs Code of Conduct adopted by GBG members in relation to the purchasing of cash tickets using debit cards at paystations/ATRs in licensed gambling premises
GBG Machine Host Registration A general registration process used by all GBG Technical Standards that ensures all gaming machine transactions have a full audit trail
GBG General Codes A general machine and system related codes that are used across the GBG Technical Standards

The GBG Technical Working Group leads the way in identifying and developing technical solutions to current and future challenges, as well as ensuring the current standards are kept under constant review.

The GBG Technical Working Group draws on membership from across the gambling industry who work collaboratively in this unique forum.


The Gambling Business Group (GBG) is a representation of gambling organisation members from all sectors of the UK Gambling Industry. We have a common goal of
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