The Gambling Business Group (GBG) has welcomed the long-awaited review of gambling, confirming the importance of preserving the UK industry’s respected position on the world stage.

Peter Hannibal, GBG Chief Executive said: “It is always healthy to review things to ensure that they are keeping up with change and gambling legislation is no different, particularly as technology is developing so quickly. But if this respected position is to be maintained, this review must be based on peer reviewed evidence and any changes have to be proportionate to the risk being addressed.

“If we do not engage properly and professionally in this process then it could have a detrimental effect on the outcomes which will prevail for a long time to come. It is therefore vitally important that all stakeholders make their contribution to the process rather than leave it to others in the hope that they will make things happen.”

Stressing the importance of an objective and even-handed approach to evidence, Hannibal added: “Legislation should not be based on misleading headlines or distorted facts including those from the tabloid press. The review should not disregard the fact that the vast majority of gambling consumers engage in and enjoy the products of their own free will and should continue to be able to do so, as a legitimate and socially responsible entertainment and leisure activity.”