The Gambling Business Group is playing a key role during Covid crisis – states Welcome BreakThe Gambling Business Group (GBG) has been highlighted for the key role it continues to play in helping businesses navigate the confusion of rules and regulations surrounding Covid-19.

Speaking with Coinslot, Nick Jackson, Head of Commercial Income at Welcome Break, described how the dialogue members enjoy with the GBG has helped in the process of what he describes as ‘deciphering the noise.’ He explained: “From the beginning of the crisis back in March the GBG’s help was invaluable, navigating the ever-changing environment as we dealt with Covid 19 restrictions and their lifting.

“In these instances businesses look to organisations with the depth of knowledge and contacts to provide you with the up to the minute insight required to understand what the next moves are and how to ensure you remain compliant.”

He added: “When AGCs were subject to the false start in June it was pandemonium. I needed clear, concise and accurate information to keep my team fully up to speed on what was a dynamic and a fast-moving situation. It’s also crucial when I’m sharing information with the senior team at Welcome Break who need to know exactly where we are at. As well as helping us to put plans in place and respond to any changes, on a number of occasions the guidance from GBG has gone beyond AGCs and I’ve been able to share it with other business sectors within Welcome Break.

“It’s clear that we are still in the midst of a situation that’s constantly changing and businesses like ours will be drawing heavily on the insight and information provided by the Gambling Business Group.”