The Gambling Business Group has established specialist teams to undertake their own ‘deep- dives’ into each section of the White Paper to formulate a detailed response to all of the proposals affecting the land-based sector. GBG also sees the benefit of working alongside sister trade bodies and assisting the DCMS in whatever ways it can.

The Gambling Business Group has held a high level meeting of members in order to formulate its response to the White Paper ahead of the GBG’s meeting with DCMS scheduled for May 12th. Peter Hannibal, GBG chief executive expressed his delight at the response from members and the way in which the GBG has combined in order to develop a detailed and informed response.

Addressing the widely held concerns that the proposed changes may run out of parliamentary time, he said: “I am pleased to say that our initial fears that those changes identified as “when parliamentary time allows” might not be given time in the house, or that the online proposals would take precedence have diminished.

“We now understand that the likelihood is that all elements of the White Paper that require ‘Parliamentary Time’ will be wrapped up into a single piece of gambling legislation change. This represents positive news as the changes that impact land-based businesses will not get left behind should any of the proposals be prioritised.”

Taking advantage of the working groups which already exist within the organisation the GBG has established teams of dedicated specialists such as the licensing, land-based and machines groups to feedback their recommendations on what positions and actions that the GBG should take encompassing the detail of each of the proposed changes.

Looking ahead to the consultation period Peter Hannibal added: “There are some clear areas in which we can work together with the other Trade Bodies (as we have been doing with cashless), particularly those areas where we have common interests and expectations and we will be reaching out accordingly. We still view the White Paper as being a positive development for the land-based sectors and we will be working hard with all stakeholders in order to expedite the changes and deliver the best possible outcome.”