Being able to draw on the experience of land-based operators and innovators which supply to businesses on the high street is key to the Gambling Business Group as it engages with government following publication of its White Paper. Its latest member, Intervision Gaming, is looking forward to contributing to the process.

Strategic body the Gambling Business Group (GBG) continues to grow its membership with content developer and AGC operator Intervision Gaming UK the latest to join the organisation. Intervision is the second recent addition to the GBG ranks and follow Leisure Electronics whose membership was confirmed in April.

Intervision has been developing and manufacturing gaming content and platforms since 2004, creating over 300 games across platforms including online, social as well as land-based. Its’ latest UK gaming platform accommodates the requirements of both Cat C and B3 players, and has generated positive early performance results. Intervision also recently opened its first UK AGC based in the Warwickshire town of Rugby.

The company’s Peter Palexas confirmed: “We are very much looking forward to being part of the Gambling Business Group and hope that we can contribute to the outstanding work undertaken by the organisation and its members whose shared goal is to build a healthy and prosperous industry. Intervision Gaming has a long-term UK strategy and our GBG membership will bring us closer to like- minded potential industry partners.”

GBG CEO Peter Hannibal added: “I am delighted that we are continuing to add new businesses to a membership which accounts for circa 70 percent of GGY. Following the publication of the White Paper our focus is firmly on the consultation programme and as part of this critical stage we held a positive meeting with the gambling team at DCMS on Friday (12th May).

“Drawing on the expertise of the working groups which already exist within the GBG and which comprise dedicated hands-on specialists we are very much on the front foot as we navigate this next phase and address the details and implications of the proposals contained within the White Paper. We should all be delighted that so many of our recommendations have been noted but we need to be extremely diligent throughout the consultation process. To achieve this, we will be drawing on the contributions of GBG members who know exactly what it means to operate on the high street and to be a part of the high street supply chain.”