I’m Dreaming of a White Paper

Firstly it would be churlish of me not to wish everyone a Happy New Year. I do hope that 2020 is a successful and prosperous year for all of you and I look forward to catching up with some of you at the ICE show in London in February. Last year I suggested that a [...]

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Good Gambling, Bad Gambling ?

I wrote this article for the UK Coinslot magazine and as I realise that some of you may not be on copy for that worthy tome I thought that I would reproduce it here as a blog. Which might seem a bit lazy, but I am keen to get the message out. The 'Low [...]

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So, here’s a thing. On April 1st this year a seismic event (probably an 8 on the Richter scale) took place in the UK gaming industry. The maximum stake on FOBT/B2 gaming machines was reduced by a factor of 50, from £100 a spin down to £2 a spin. This essentially removed the B2 machine [...]

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Three Wise Men

These days I do believe that consultants offer a spontaneity, originality and cost effectiveness which is of huge benefit to all businesses but in particular SMEs where costs are tightly controlled and management need access to senior management experience experience but can't necessarily afford (or need) to recruit someone on to their permanent staff. Three [...]

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Someone (may) be knocking at the door

Recently I was listening to Sandy Toksvig on the radio. She is of course incredibly witty and engaging and is clearly one of those people who, if you sat next to her at a dinner party would quickly make you feel like an intellectual pygmy (although many other people also have that effect on [...]

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Reflections from the Stone Age

This article appeared in this week’s edition of Coin Slot. Nick Harding, head of Merkur Management Services in the UK, outlines what he believes lies ahead for the industry this coming year. On the up with the Gambling Commission, there’s a downer with charity GambleAware and a government that really should show this industry [...]

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The Gambling Commission is making the same fatal mistake as the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board

The Gambling Commission has self-adopted the role of author of the next (2019-2022) National Responsible Gambling Strategy and has published a conversation document that can be found here; https://consult.gamblingcommission.gov.uk/author/copy-of-national-strategy-to-reduce-gambling-harms/ There is much criticism laid at the door of everyone involved for the limited progress made with the current strategy and the Responsible Gambling Strategy [...]

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